Airth Castle, Scotland

Sunrise Over The Old  Castle Wall

Sunrise Over The Old Castle Wall

Alright… The plan over the next month or so is to take a look back through some of my old photos. I have a lot of mediocre shots but here and there I have some favorites – often surprises – that turned out really well. The goal of this reflection process is to really figure out what I like when I take a ‘good’ photo. What makes it work – or not – from an aesthetic perspective.

I selected this photo because I love how I managed to catch the sun just in the corner of the crumbling old wall. Though I actually snapped about 6 shots of this exact same thing, the one just before this didn’t have the sun and the one right after had too much. My timing was mostly luck.

I do wish I could have gotten a slightly better exposure on the foreground – Just a little detail to reveal how lush and green the plants were in the early morning light.