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Flower in the Rain Comments Off on Flower in the Rain

Flower in the Rain - Golden Gate Park

Flower in the Rain - Golden Gate Park

Other Creative Outlets Comments Off on Other Creative Outlets

Some days you need to take a break and do something a little different… Today was gray and rainy and just felt like something warm and cozy would be perfect. So I put some creative effort towards making the house smell wonderful :)

Home Made Bread Out of the Oven

Homemade Bread Out of the Oven

Home Made Bread Sliced

Homemade Bread Sliced

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Night Lights

Night Lights - San Francisco

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Alright… Over the past month I have posted some of my favorite images, taken over the last couple of years, and provided my personal take on why I like them (or not). The next part of this project is to get a LOT more familiar with my camera. So, I’m going to break it down into sections/components and dedicate a month to perfecting my knowledge of each item.

February is dedicated to Aperture – the ‘A’ setting on the camera dial.

Here is the important stuff about Aperture:

  • It’s the size of the ‘hole’ that lets light into the camera.
  • Measured in f-stops.
  • The smaller the f-stop the more light will reach the camera sensor (or film).
  • The f-stop range will vary by lens.
  • The more light in a scene, the larger your F-stop should be.
  • Large aperture = small f-stop = shallow depth of field*.
  • Small aperture = large f-stop = great depth of field*.

*Depth of field – the amount of the image along the z-axis (depth) that is in focus.

Let the fun begin…