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Narrative Into Knowledge Comments Off on Narrative Into Knowledge

There have been great societies that did not use the wheel, but there have been no societies that did not tell stories. ~Ursula K. LeGuin


Narrative is the form by which human experience is made meaningful (Madej, 2003; Pink, 2004). If you stop to think about it, you are likely to realize that everything you communicate is a story; a narrative (Collins, 1997). The prominence of story in human culture is clearly visible in the elevated status storytellers have had in history; Navajo shaman, troubadours of Europe, ollahms of Ireland and griots in Africa all held and/or continue to hold, positions of honor within their communities. Storytellers continue to be an appreciated resource, yet with the changes new technologies are manifesting in our lives, the faces of our storytellers are changing. The more interactive and collaborative, user-generated content that is placed in the public domain, the more individuals become storytellers. It is no longer a select few who generate and maintain a society’s stories, it is everyone. Read More »

Inspiration from Video Games Comments Off on Inspiration from Video Games

Generally when I offer up my musings on this blog, I discuss my recent reading choices related to media and education. I find myself unsure of where to start this post, mostly because I found both of the articles I read this week informative but not particularly thought provoking. I find games an incredibly intriguing area of study. I am almost in awe of some of the studies that are coming out and what they mean for our understanding of how the human mind works, how we are motivated, and how we may be able to change things for the positive in the future. Online interaction, including social gaming, is changing the way we communicate, for better or for worse, and I think my chosen articles provide at least a little glimpse into some of these changes. Read More »