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Reality in the Media Age Comments Off on Reality in the Media Age

Since its invention there has been tremendous concern about how TV may or may not alter human reality. Films such as Fahrenheit 451, Wall-E and even the Batman franchise have all presented themes of mind control, lost mental and physical capabilities and general degredation caused by ‘the tube’. The argument against the television medium is however, by no means new. From early printing to radio and beyond – each new invention has brought concern even as it has found itself integrated into the daily lives of vast quantities of the human population. There seems to be a change occurring though. Computers and the internet have by no means been left out of the ongoing debate. And, for better or worse they have been integrated into our lives. But unlike the technologies that came before them, the sheer quantity of time individuals spend face to face with their computer screens, TVs, handheld devices and other media messages has increased at a seemingly exponential rate. Read More »